Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Back to Volunteering!

Teaching and mentoring are two activities in my life which I always enjoyed and am always passionate about it. As I remember from my childhood, I used to help my classmates and other fellow-mates in their classwork and assignments. But, I don't think I ever had tried to do their work. Seeing others learning from you, gives an immense pleasure and satisfaction. After joining my post-graduate research program, I am hardly getting the opportunities to discuss about the research findings except conferences and group meetings.

To preserve the momentum of knowledge flow, I started volunteer teaching and mentoring in various educational trusts. I enjoyed this new experience of mentoring in different culture and environment for more than a year.

But, again year 2009 was little bit time demanding for both personal and professional front, that didn't give me too much opportunities to enjoy volunteering work. In the start of new year 2010, I realized that I am missing something essential that contribute to my atonement. I looked for teaching opportunities in my department, But in mean time I was contacted by a charity called Royal Society for the protection of Birds, for joining their volunteering team. I quickly explored the website(http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/) and immediately, I replied my positive response to them. Now, I am really excited about it that this time I will be working for "NATURE". I am looking forward to share my experiences here in the form of 'Nature's voice' soon!

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